Frequently Asked Questions

Parents, find everything you need to know about Junior Rockers and our lessons here.

To apply for lessons, go to the Apply for lessons page and search for your school. From there you will be guided through our online application form. If your school does not currently have Junior Rockers, please use our contact us page to let us know.

After you apply for lessons, the region coordinator for your school will contact you, usually by email. If there are places available on the timetable, you will be offered a lesson time that you can take up immediately. If there are not currently any spaces available, we will notify you that you are on a waiting list and as soon as a place becomes available we will let you know.

At Junior Rockers, we believe that one on one or two on one lessons are the best way to learn music. This allows our teachers to tailor every lesson to the individual needs of each student. We offer private lessons or shared lessons (two students at a time). At some schools, we also offer lessons to groups larger that two. To find out about your school, head to the Apply for lessons page and search for your school.

We will always pair students up with another student as similar in age and ability as possible. Where we can not find another student in the same year level, we will only consider students within two years (except by special request of both parents). Where a suitable partner can not be found, students will be placed in a lesson by themselves until a suitable partner becomes available.

If you apply for shared lessons and there are an odd number of students or there is not an appropriate student to match your child with, your child will be placed in a lesson by themselves at the price of a shared lesson. Once a suitable lesson partner joins the program they will be paired up with your child.

Our prices for private and shared lessons are determined in conjunction with each school. To find specific prices for your school, head to our Apply for lessons page and search for your school. From there you will be able to see which instruments are available at your school, timing of lessons and up to date lesson prices.

Lessons happen during the day or after hours depending on the request of each school. To check when your school’s lesson happen, go to our Apply for lessons page and search for your school. From there you will be able to see which instruments are available and when lessons happen.

Lessons are scheduled to fit it with school timetables. Lessons are usually 30 minutes, however some schools have 25 minute lessons to fit in with the school’s timetable. To find out how long lessons are at your school, go the the Apply for lessons page and search for your school.

We teach a number of instruments at Junior Rockers. These include guitar, piano, drums, singing, violin, clarinet and bass guitar. Each school makes a decision about which instruments to offer students based on their demographic. To find out which instruments are available at your school, go to our Apply for lessons page and search for your school. From there you will see which instruments are available, timing of lessons and lesson prices.

Our lessons are built around the belief that students learn best when they are engaged in what they are learning. Our teachers work to tailor every lesson to students interests and tastes. While we may be working on current songs however, we are also subtly teaching the underlying theory and techniques that support them. In this way, we are able to engage students fully while still providing a solid musical foundation to build upon.

At Junior Rockers we run annual performance nights for all our students to perform in front of their peers and families. We also offer regular performance opportunities at school assemblies, fetes and other community events.

At schools where there are sufficient numbers and diversity of instruments, we are able to offer students the chance to participate in our band workshops and performances. These workshops involve students from different instruments coming together to learn and perform band pieces with our band coaches.

All Junior Rockers teachers are qualified and certified in our curriculum. They also carry all working with children checks and any other locally required background/police checks.

Where students do not wish to continue with lessons, they are free to stop at any time. We only ask for two week’s notice as it may effect other student’s lessons if the timetable needs to be adjusted substantially. If students decide they would like to try a different instrument, we are more than happy to find a place for them.

Lessons are paid fortnightly by direct debit. The main advantage of our direct debit system is that families no longer need to pay for an entire term of music lessons at the beginning of every term.

We do ask for payment details when you sign up, however, you are not billed until your place on the timetable has been confirmed. You will be emailed a confirmation and a payment schedule that will outline all the payments for the coming term. Should your child wish to stop lessons, we can cancel the payments any time, we simply ask for two weeks notice.

We can not offer guaranteed lesson times but we will always do our best to make sure the lesson times are as convenient as possible. For daytime lessons, we organise our timetable around the school’s specialist timetable and any other requirements the school may have. As a result, we may be restricted in the times we are able to offer you as we need to make the timetable work for all students at the school. For after school lessons, we will offer you any times that we possibly can and you can choose the one that suits best. We offer after school lessons on a first in first served basis.

We recommend all students have an instrument at home to practice on. There will always be spare instruments in their lesson so they can start without having their own at home, however, their progress will be much quicker when they are able to practice between lessons. Note for drum students - For drum students, we recommend you start out with a practice pad. These round rubber disks are nearly silent and are a great way for drummers to start out without needing a full kit. Drummers can learn effectively for quite a while on a practice pad before they need a complete drum kit at home.

Junior Rockers has partnered with Rent Instruments Australia to bring all our students rental instruments at affordable prices. For more information on the program head to our rent instruments page.

Our lessons are always locked in and confirmed Friday the week before. This is because we need to provide schools with accurate timetables for the following week to give classroom teachers time to plan their weeks accordingly. For this reason, we need to be notified of any upcoming absence, including illness, by 12pm the Friday before in order to provide a lesson credit. We will attempt to reschedule any of these lessons during the term in which they were missed. Where we are not able to schedule a catch up lesson, you can request to have it refunded or credited to your account or we will attempt to schedule it in the following term.

Where a lesson time doesn’t suit, notify us immediately and we will do our best to find an alternative for you. Where we are unable to find any times that are suitable, we can place you on a waiting list and notify you when something suitable becomes available.

Where children what to change instruments, we are more than happy to accommodate. We usually recommend changing instruments at the end of a term to allow the current lessons to be properly wrapped up, however, where children wish to change immediately and there are places available on the timetable, we can make the swap allowing for our usual policy regarding changes to lesson times.

We provide all student with end of semester reports at the end of term’s two and four. Usually these reports are distributed with the student’s classroom report from the school. Where this is not possible, we will email you a copy of your child’s report.

This is a much more involved question to answer than we are able to in this space. However as a very general rule, we recommend students learn the instrument that they have expressed the most natural interest in. There is a school of thought that piano is the best foundation instrument and while there is certainly some merit to this argument, there are plenty of successful guitarists who have never learnt piano. Forcing a child to learn an instrument they have no interest in, is the quickest way to destroy any potential love of music they might have otherwise enjoyed.

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