Music Education Specialists

What we stand for

At Junior Rockers we believe that every child deserves the right to start out life with a quality music education. We run various programs with schools, kinders and other education specialists to deliver amazing music education experiences for young people. Whether that be weekly guitar lessons, workshops for whole classes or a special Rock Band birthday part event.

Find out more

We have designed our website to make it as easy as possible for everyone to find the information they are looking for.

If you are a parent and looking for information, click the Parent menu at the top of the page. From there you will find information on our instrumental lessons, birthday parties, how to apply for lessons and more.

Schools and kinders can find all information relevant to them under their respective menu items at the top of the page.

Why Junior Rockers

At Junior Rockers we want students to receive the highest quality music education possible. Here are just a couple of the ways we deliver on that promise:

  • We keep the group sizes of our instrumental lessons as small as possible. Often only 1 or 2 students in a lesson to ensure every student gets the most out of every lesson.
  • We designed our own custom curriculum that balances out music theory and technical work with fun contemporary songs that engage students.
  • We use our own custom database management software to track every lesson we teach. This means you can be sure you are always getting everything lesson pay for.