Please Note:
-You will not be charged until your place on the timetable is confirmed.
-Lessons are debited fortnightly (on Mondays) one week in advance
-All credit card payments incur a 2% service fee
-Any purchased or hired items will be charged fully on the first instalment
-Click here to view our full Direct Debit Terms of Service
Lesson Diaries

All Junior Rockers students are required to have a lesson diary. The cost of the lesson diary is $10 and they should last students around 12 months of lessons. The lesson diary includes space for their teacher to record notes on each lesson, as well as a practice log for students to complete at home. Students will have a lesson diary automatically added to their first invoice.

Method Books

Some instruments require students to work from a method book. Where this is the case, you will be notified and the book will be included on your first invoice. If you already have a method book suitable for the lessons that you would rather your child use, simply reply to your welcome email and we will remove the method book from the invoice.

Missed Lessons

Where students are not available to come to a regularly scheduled lesson, Junior Rockers needs to be notified by 12pm on Friday the week before. Because of Junior Rockers’ commitment to schools to provide accurate and reliable timetables that classroom teachers work off, once our timetable for the following week is confirmed with schools on Friday afternoons, we are not able to make any further changes. Where students are sick and less than the required notice is provided, we will make every effort to provide a catch up lesson, however this will depend on the teacher's schedule.

Cancelation Period

Where students are not continuing with lessons, two (2) weeks notice is required. This is to allow Junior Rockers time to rearrange the teacher’s timetable and provide suitable notice to other students whose lessons may be effected.

Re Enrolment

At the conclusion of each term, students are automatically enrolled in lessons for the following term. There is no need to reapply. Where students are not continuing with lessons in the following term, please notify Junior Rockers directly at the conclusion of the current term. If notice is not provided, the two week cancelation period may begin at the commencement of the following term.

Unpaid and Overdue Accounts

Overdue accounts may incur a late payment fee of $7.50. Any fees and charges incurred by Junior Rockers in the course of reclaiming unpaid invoices will remain the responsibility of the debtor. These include but are not limited to: bank dishonour fees, cheque dishonour fees, administration costs and debt collection agency fees.

Application Successfully Submitted!

Thanks for your application, it has been successfully received and we have begun working on finding the most suitable place on the timetable for you.

Keep an eye on your emails, once we have confirmed your place we will send you an email confirming all the details like who the teacher is and the exact date and time.

Every new application is reviewed by one of our amazing administration staff members. They will rework the school’s timetable to make sure that you have a time that is perfect.

Depending on the current number of pending applications, you should hear back from us within 7 days. In the mean time, if you have any questions, please feel free to email us at or call us on 1300 GO ROCK.

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